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There Could Be Money Waiting for You if You Have Kitec Plumbing

From the mid-1990s until the mid-2000s, buildings all across Canada and colder climates in North America were constructed with floor and baseboard heating systems which utilized pipes constructed by a company known as Kitec. Kitec plumbing had widespread popularity due to its ease of use, low cost, and flexibility. However, as time went on it was quickly discovered that these pipes were prone to corrosion which caused them to degrade until they eventually failed and created damage-causing leaks.

If your home or business was constructed with a hydronic heater which utilizes Kitec plumbing, there may be money out there waiting for you. In January 2012, a class-action lawsuit opened for home and business owners who have been impacted by this now-recalled plumbing. Since that time, however, less than $3 million of the $100 million which is available has actually been claimed. Just over 4,000 people across North America have applied for and claimed partial compensation for the damage they sustained after their Kitec system failed, and a little over 9,500 more have filed a claim without having experienced leaks or damages. If you have this plumbing in your home or business, we encourage you to file a claim—you could receive compensation for doing so.

Do You Have Kitec Plumbing?

How can you tell that you have Kitec plumbing in your home? It’s easier than you may have ever thought. First, if your home or business depends on hydronic heating, including floor heaters or baseboards, then you may have this plumbing installed. Next, check the pipes which carry water to or from your heating unit—if they’re a bright blue or orange colour, then then they could very well be Kitec. Finally, inspect the pipes themselves and look for the designation ‘ASTM 1281’ printed on the pipe itself. If this is the case, then you have the affected plumbing and should file a claim right away.

If you’re unsure whether or not your home or business has Kitec plumbing, we strongly advise having your system inspected by a professional. A skilled plumber can take a closer look and figure out if you still

What Can Happen With Kitec Plumbing?

Kitec plumbing is largely used in baseboard and in-floor heating systems which rely on hot water. However, it was found that hot water actually accelerates the corrosion process and creates leaks faster. While most leaks start small, they can quickly cause all sorts of problems for your home or business, including damaging drywall, rotting wood, creating mold and mildew growth, ruining flooring, and even damaging your property. That’s something nobody wants to deal with.

Likewise, insurance companies have caught wind of this recall and many are choosing not to cover facilities or buildings which have this plumbing installed. In other cases they will still cover it, but demand a thorough inspection first. We strongly advise getting in contact with your insurance company if you discover this type of plumbing in your home or business and letting them know. You don’t want to risk any surprises in the event something serious happens, and it also helps to find out any additional steps you need to take to make sure your insurance coverage remains active.

How to File a Claim

We strongly encourage everyone who has Kitec plumbing to file a claim, regardless of whether or not your building has sustained damage as a result of it. If you have sustained damage, your claim will likely be expedited and processed right away, while those who have the plumbing but haven’t sustained damage will likely have their claim processed once the deadline passes. The deadline for all claims to be filed is January 9, 2020.

If you’d like to file a claim, the process is simple; just go online and request a claim form, fill it out, and send it to the appropriate address. You can also use this link for more information, answers to frequently asked questions, and even important information regarding the status of the case itself.

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